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My family is so selfish

So pretty much fuck my family. They’ve fucked me over so many times just for their own benefit. These mother fuckers have gone on at least three vacations since 2014 has started, all while I’ve just been stuck with school and work the entire year. I haven’t had the luxury of a vacation yet this year and we are more than half way through. But I digress, the reason for this post isn’t about my lack of vacations, but the selfishness of my family. 

So I’ll let you all in on how my week has gone, well let’s starts with the fact that my debit card got cancelled and my bank decided they needed to mail me a new one, problem is my name isn’t on the lease at my apartment so I can’t have mail sent there, so I figured I could have the card sent to my mom’s house and she could bring it up to me sometime soon, especially since she hasn’t come up to Orlando to see me all year. But what those lazy motherfuckers decided to do was go on vacation to St. Augustine and then figured I wanted to drive from Orlando to St. Augustine simply to pick up my debit card. (For background reference I had to drive from Orlando to Daytona on Friday and Saturday to cover some professional MMA fights.) So after having worked all weekend, and driven over 6 hours throughout two days, I obviously didn’t want to drive back on Sunday, especially since it was my only day off for about two weeks.

So instead of just driving the extra hour to Orlando following their vacation, my lazy as fuck family decides they want me to drive to them. After the weekend I had driving another 3 hours was not what I wanted to do on my day off. Now this is where morality sets in. Why the fuck would you ask someone who has been working and driving all weekend to go 3 hours out of their way, when you could just go an hour out of your way following your vacation. I mean you were already lucky enough to get to go on vacation, now you will also be too selfish to drive an extra hour to bring me my debit card? The only word I have to describe this is selfish!

Now thanks to my lazy ass, selfish family my debit card has been lost in the mail, I have no money to my name and I haven’t eaten all day. So let this be a lesson to you, family isn’t always your best friend, sometimes they might be your worst enemy.

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I need to get a girlfriend real soon. It’s been way too long since I’ve been able to take a girl out.

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These stupid #YesAllWomen hastags

I’m already sick of these #YesAllWomen hashtags on social media. Yes it’s sad that multiple people lost their lives, but let’s not act like we have never seen a girl reject a guy while laughing at their efforts, or give them the “as if” answer that so many popular girls like to give. 

It is sad that people lost their lives, but let’s not forget that this guy was normal at some point in time, and the spree that he went on was a result of girls who thought they were better than him, not just his own angry rage.

Let’s fully think about it, if just one girl gave that guy the time of day and at least gave him a chance, we might not be talking about this today.

My memo to the world is, please stop thinking you are better than someone else, weather it’s a pretty girl thinking she’s better than the fat girl in class, or if it’s the popular girl thinking she doesn’t even need to ever talk with the captain of the Chess club.

We are all human beings, it’s time we started treating each other like it. I’m sick and tired of girls treating guys like crap just because they are waiting for the popular guy to notice them and ask them out. Our society is garbage and allows women to just belittle someone simply because they may not be tall or attractive enough.

I have little to no faith in my generation, because it’s all about look and money. If you don’t have either, you are screwed. 

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You know what I hate most about women? When they start asking for help for something, but then at the very end of the request they will add, “Oh and my boyfriend is coming too.” 

Umm newsflash, no one wants to hang out with you and your boyfriend. If someone is going to do you a favor it’s because they like you or they think you are cute.

If you want to go with your boyfriend so bad, maybe you guys should have thought about that and starting preparing accordingly. 

I know this is a dumb rant, but it just bothers me ladies, when you ask for something then at the very end that your boyfriend is coming too. NO, no more of that.

Enjoy :)

- Danny

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So there is this girl I like, but I’m pretty sure she has a boyfriend now. It sucks because we get along really and have ridiculously random conversations all the time, which I think is awesome. We also have kind of the same taste in music. But anyways this post is pointless, no one will read this.


On the bright side, only four more days until 4/20 

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Holy Shit look who decided to be all on tumblr
heartscrystalized asked

Hey dork, don’t judge me on how often I use tumblr.

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How time flys

So I realized today that it’s been almost four years since my last serious relationship suddenly ended. Since that time I’ve been in one semi-serious relationship, which lasted a month.

It’s crazy to think that things in my life may be going well, but I still feel empty inside. I’ve been to the National Championship game and while it was an amazing experience and I had the time of my life while I was there, I still came back home feeling empty within a week.

My problem is that I miss what I had all that time ago, it was kind of cool to be able to call my girlfriend and ask if she wanted to go to the movies, or a baseball game, or whatever, it didn’t matter at the time. All that mattered was being with her and I miss that, I miss that feeling of caring about someone that much, and hopefully them caring about you too.

People tell me that it I’m a good guy and that eventually someone good for me will come along, but I’m 23 now and still randomly searching for my soulmate, or at this point just someone that won’t put me in the friend zone.

I guess I’m just rambling, but I just can’t believe it’s been four years since the days of going to that restaurant on the beach for breakfast on weekends and visits at work from the one person who mattered most. 

Whatever I guess I’m just a hopeless romantic.

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made by me.


made by me.

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